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Woolpower Socks . Woolpower Protection FR . About Woolpower. Woolpower, based in Östersund in Sweden, have been designing and manufacturing merino wool clothing since 1972. Located in the north of Sweden, they know all about how to keep warm in the cold.

Woolpower ullfrotté

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749:-9. Välj Quick View+. Woolpower Full Zip Jacket 400 Jakke m/glidelås 400g/m2 fra Ullfrott Ullfrotté Original was first developed by Woolpower AB in Östersund, Sweden during the early 1970’s in collaboration with the Swedish military. The result: a garment providing superior insulation and effective moisture management.

Model: 178680028; Tillgänglighet :I lager  Ullfrotté tröja 600gr. Tillverkare: Woolpower. Tröja med förstärkt polokrage och lång dragkedja.

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The Woolpower Jacket 600 has a high, … Woolpower Ullfrotte Original 200. This is Woolpower's thinnest undergarment utilising their special Ullfrotté Original merino fabric. The garments are designed to be worn next to the skin as a moisture wicking base layer. The terry loops and overall loose knitting gives unique insulation compared to the weight of the fabric.

Woolpower ullfrotté

Woolpower Balaclava 200 Ansiktshuva i Ullfrotté Original Ski

Woolpower ullfrotté

The Full Zip Jacket has a high collar, cuffs with thumb holes, a full length zipper and a longer back to prevent gaps. Ullfrotté Original is a knitted terry, almost like a towel, and made up of tiny loops that bind a lot of air. The airy bodice has limited contact with the body, which means there are fewer points where the heat can escape. When you wear a Woolpower undergarment next to your skin, you can insulate your own body heat and stay warm and cozy Description of Woolpower Socks 400 - navy Socks 400 are made from Woolpower's classic Ullfrotté Original 400 fabric. It’s a warm and comfortable sock that is suitable for wearing directly next to the foot or as a second layer.

Woolpower ullfrotté

Quick View. Base Layer. Zip Turtleneck 200 $ 149.00. Quick View. Sale! Clearance. Vest 400 $ 118.40 – $ 159.00.
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Woolpower ullfrotté

2012 Présentation de la veste woolpower 600gr longue manche ouverture Le secret des sous-vêtements ULLFROTTE réside dans l'emploi de  Woolpower® garments are made from Ullfrotte Original material. Everything is made in the factory in Östersund. Material comes in various weights, each of  29 Dec 2009 polyamide produces a textile they've named Ullfrotte Original, and Woolpower then weaves that together in a highly specific way: The outside  3 juin 2018 Afin de mieux vous tenir au chaud, la marque Woolpower vous propose différents articles isolants tels que des sous-vêtements, des chaussettes  Plus la couche d'air est épaisse sur le corps, moins la chaleur corporelle peut s' échapper. Informations supplémentaires. Ullfrotté Original, 600 g/m²; Col tricoté  Sedan 1969 har Woolpower tillverkat strumpor och underställ i den egna fabriken i Östersund, Jämtland. Företaget är känt för sitt material Ullfrotté Original ®.

L'Avis Du Vieux. Collant chaud dont la composition favorise la conservation de la chaleur et la régulation thermique. Découvrez Woolpower Ullfrotté Original, une collection de vêtements du haut et du bas, bonnets et chaussettes pour se préserver du grand froid, de -10 à -30°C. le logo "Woolpower" est tricoté sur le côté. C'est une chaussette chaude et confortable qui peut être porter à même la peau ou par dessus une chaussette Ullfrotté  Sous-vêtements Ullfrotté de Wollpower ont une réputation qui n'est plus à faire. Ces tisssus à haute densité procurent un confort et un pouvoir chauffant. Woolpower Ullfrotte Original 400g base layers for optimum insulation in cold weather.
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Ja, jag skulle rekommendera den här produkten The Woolpower Ullfrotte Original Full Zip Jacket - 400g can be worn directly next to the skin as a base-layer, or as a mid-layer garment. In very cold conditions it can be worn over the top of a Woolpower - 200g turtleneck. Each garment features a terry-knit soft inner in fine merino wool, reinforced with polyamide for better wear-resistance, making it comfortable yet durable. Woolpower AB FOUNDED IN ÖSTERSUND IN 1969.

Ullfrotté Original was first developed by Woolpower AB in Östersund, Sweden during the early 1970’s in collaboration with the Swedish military. The result: a garment providing superior insulation and effective moisture management. Our blend of fine Merino wool, synthetics, and air creates a supergarment that balances durability with raw Woolpowet Ullfrotte Original 400 and 600. These thicker Woolpower garments are used as mid layers to increase insulation between the base layer and the wind and water resistant outer layer.
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5+ på lager. 349,-Välj. Woolpower 200 Balaclava Svart Varunr 965200. 3 på Woolpower Ullfrotte 400 - 600 är Woolpowers tjockaste plagg som är designat för att användas som ett mellanlagar mellan underkläder och vatten- och vindtäta ytterkläder.